artist statement

fall 2017 Artist Statement

One of my biggest struggles in recent years has been mediating the relationship between my passion for art, and my passion for nature. Trying to marry the two has been the focus of my work and process for the past two years. Whenever I would sit down to make a piece, I’d think back on my memories backpacking or camping, they seem fragmented, but clear, this posed a big problem for me creatively. How can I most effectively recreate my experiences outside in a way that feels honest? After a trip I can’t really recall all the small details, but in contrast it makes what I do remember stand out even more. This was the inspiration for my work, trying to emulate this spacey, joyous feeling I have when I think back on one of my adventures. By using natural materials found and gathered in that space like water, dirt, and leaves to create my pieces, I embody them with the essence of that place. But to then make that piece feel like the memory I must pare down the image to the most essential, distinguishing  characteristics about that place. Blurring forms that aren’t necessary, and smearing colors across the page to cover up what was once seen, through that process I can find beauty in what I can’t remember or don’t know, and it gives me a chance to interpret it however I want. Through this process I feel as though i’m more accurately portraying my memories and visions in an understandable way.