artist statement

Artist statement 2019:

I often find myself fascinated with nature, spirituality, the self, and how all these aspects intermingle together across time to form our concept of the world. When I try and make sense of how all the different aspects overlap I eventually find a connection between the conscious and the subconscious, the duality between these two mental forces is immense, both are very powerful and culminate to create the perception of reality inside all of us. This creates an almost malleable sense of reality, changing and warping with ones growth through adversity and understanding. The ways individuals, including myself, interact with these forces and develop is the key motivation behind the themes and concepts in my work. Much of my iconography and color choice is borrowed from the symbolic images found in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Peru. I then manipulate this symbology with the help of dynamic lighting scenes as well as other means to further communicate my messages. Through this, my goal is only to represent myself but a greater societal search for order amidst the chaos of an ever changing world.

Much of my artwork is inspired directly from my travels and experiences, in an attempt to bring these spaces and moments closer to the viewer I use water collected from my adventures to create the mindscapes in my pieces. The way in which the water interacts with form produces a dream like quality that mimics the hazy feeling one has while recollecting a dream. I feel as though this process endows each piece with its own unique energy, and allows me to feel closer to the viewers and the artwork itself. Ultimately the use of these aspects allows me to explore an alternate viewpoint of the landscapes through which we travel, both physical and subconscious, allowing the two to overlap just as they do during the transcendent moments one has in nature.