artist statement

Artist statement 2019:

Throughout time humans have established mythologies and stories that center around our archetypal interpretation of the world we observe around us. These stories manifest themselves in our daily lives through our interactions with those we encounter as well as our environment. Many of these stories and ethical beliefs are cross cultural and multigenerational. Through using these pre established symbols and narratives I hope to create a malleable sense of reality that changes with each new perspective, challenging our ancient and contemporary notions of religion, spirituality,  environment, morality, and the self.

My artwork is inspired from my own travels and experiences, integrated with common archetypal stories like the hero’s journey and symbols like the snake. I feel that this endows each piece with a unique yet collective energy. Ultimately the use of these aspects allows me to explore an alternate viewpoint of the landscapes through which we travel, both physical and subconscious, allowing the two to overlap just as they do during the transcendent moments one has in nature.